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I have found that the common thread to success is that your home shines above all the others in the area.  

Homes that SELL for the most money are in fact the cleanest, most up-to-date and easiest to show.  If we take care of all issues upfront, you will have a faster and more profitable transaction.
I provide my clients with a list of Vendors to assist them with all facets of their transaction. This is a team effort and we will provide the fastest pathway to a successful closing.


You hire a realtor to do an exceptional job selling your home, and I promise to bring my “A” game every day to provide the best service to you and your family.  In order for this to be a smooth and seamless process, I have addressed some of the most common questions and concerns below.

Pricing your home is part science and part experience.   I utilize several resources to determine the most accurate selling price.   I provide you with both best case and worst-case scenarios.  The majority of the time I am spot on with pricing; however, there are many factors that determine the final outcome.  Days on market, the sales prices of similar properties, new inventory, and the ever-changing economy, are just some of the factors that influence final sales price.  My goal is to price your home to sell for the highest obtainable price in the least amount of time.  The Focus 1st software I use to determine the value of your home will provide an accurate list price and sales price.  My bi-weekly updates will keep us in tune with present trends as we move forward. 

I will provide you an updated Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) on a bi-weekly basis.  It is very important to keep in line with the current market conditions.  For instance, if two similar homes in your neighborhood go on the market for 20K less than your home, we are going to have to discuss the impact that will have on your local market.  Please make sure to review my updates.  It is imperative that we stay ahead of the curve and be proactive in the strategies we implement. 

I have found that pre-listing home inspections are an important component to easing future inspection related concerns.  You can control the outcome much more easily by identifying inspection issues prior to any buyer placing an offer on your home.  Home inspections are a stressful part of any real estate transaction.  By completing a pre-inspection, you control the process of when and how repairs are done and at what cost.  You can make repairs on your terms and ease any concerns a buyer may have when considering your home.  Please note, often the buyers of your home will still have their own independent home inspection even though we may have recently completed one on your home. This will be at their cost.
I have a list of recommended contractors and service providers I can provide you. I have used or know many of these vendors, or my fellow agents at ERA Shields have.  I am not responsible for their performance, responsiveness or workmanship.  I do not employ any of these vendors; they are simply resources that my clients, colleagues, or I have used in the past.  It is important to note that you should use due diligence to make sure they meet your standards, are licensed (if required), insured and have references, as we do not track their present status. 
There is absolutely no doubt that a staged home is going to be the popular choice with buyers when given that option.  Making sure your home is in top condition is imperative to getting it sold.  I will assist you with getting it just right on the front end of the process.  In most cases we may use all of your own belongings to set the perfect stage.  However, making sure the home is clean and tidy along the way will be up to you.  It really does make a significant difference in selling time and final price to take the extra time to make it sparkle.  I will provide a check list of suggestions and recommendations as we move forward. 
The most common question we receive is “When is my first showing going to be?”  There is no standard answer to this question, but it does take time to create marketing traction. It may be 3 hours once active in the MLS, but it could also be 2 weeks.  The price range, weather, time of year and holidays all influence this process.  I empathize with you in that having your home show ready is a huge hassle.  You will need to be prepared to show on a daily basis and at any time.  Unfortunately, there are many agents who do not plan accordingly, and wait until the 11th hour to set a showing.  It is standard that most sellers have a one-hour notice at minimum.  We will discuss your personal needs and will do our best to make this as smooth as possible.  There are times when appointments are set up and the agent shows up early, late, or not at all. Buyers change their minds, kids get ill, agents forget to leave business cards and the weather can impact plans.  We do our best to keep you informed, but things can and do happen that are outside our control. 
Unless the buyer’s agent requests us to be at the showing, I do not attend them.  I want the buyers to be able to explore, ask questions of their Realtor and be at ease in your home.  I have found that it makes buyers extremely uncomfortable to have the listing agent or home owner present.   They feel like they are being watched and they cannot speak freely with their agent.   Remember, the buyer’s agent’s job is to protect the purchaser’s motivating factor.   Please know that I will be readily available to answer any questions the other agent may have.  We want to set up the most pleasing showing experience for the buyers.
We will attempt to gather feedback from the showing agent.  We follow up the same day with an email request for feedback. This is done three times if needed.  It may take a day or two to hear back from the showing agent, but when I do, I will email the feedback to you promptly. Feedback however is not mandatory and is completely up to the showing agent to supply, if they so desire.  Feedback is provided approximately 30% of the time and I will send it to you unbiased and unaltered.  After about 30 days, feedback becomes far less critical since we should have adapted to the items we could amend or improve. 
A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of important home systems and appliances that could break down during the listing or under contract periods.  A home warranty can save you money, along with potentially helping a buyer select your home.  Breakdowns are inevitable – furnaces, AC units and appliances wear out over time. There are many options and types of warranties.  We can discuss which plan is best for you.  This is a superb way to reduce post-closing liability and headaches.  Pre-existing conditions may not be covered.
You have worked hard to get your home ready for sale and now it’s listed but what happens next?  You want to see the virtual tours, high resolution photos, flyers and all the marketing pieces as soon as possible and we understand that.  Here is a brief overview of the process.
The first step is getting the home up on the two local MLS services.  This allows agents to see the home and set showings.  This also feeds to, Zillow and Trulia.  In order to “go live” on the MLS we will need to have all ad copy completed and all photos (which typically takes up to 48 hours to receive).  Virtual tours and flyers will take additional time to receive and produce.  Websites all require time to upload photos and build content.  Flyers will take at least 24 to 48 hours to turnaround. We have a system that works, but there are many moving pieces to the process and I want to set the proper expectation that this does take time to get everything up and running.  Please note that the Multiple Listing Service feeds to many other websites that populate information into their database.  I do not have control or access to amend or correct errors in some cases.  This is a consequence of all the shared data-entry that occurs on the internet. You may also see old listings, photos and information.  I have no control over that data or its content. 
At times, I do represent both sides of a real estate transaction.  This is called Transaction Brokerage, the terms of which are outlined in the listing agreement.  It is important to know that these types of transactions are rare.  With over 4000 licensed Realtors in the Pikes Peak Region, the odds of another agent bringing an offer are far greater than me bringing an interested purchaser.  With that said, it does happen, but should not change the outcome of any transaction.  I pride myself on my ethical and fair business practices.  I will never compromise any of your interests and will discuss this on a case-by-case basis to ensure your complete understanding in this matter and ensure that you are 100% satisfied.
I have done this for a very long time and this seems to be the case 99% of the time, “YOUR FIRST OFFER IS TYPICALLY YOUR BEST OFFER.”  There is always that voice in the back of your head that will say, “Maybe something better will come along?”  This is 100% normal and just human nature.  My role is to provide you with all your options and discuss the offer’s merits and if it is worth accepting or countering.  No matter what the offer is please consider it as “The Only Offer,” and we will craft the best outcome possible.  If it does not work out (90% of the time they do) then we will move forward and be prepared for the next offer.
In the event you get an offer in the first few hours or days, it does not mean that your home is underpriced.  Great homes often sell quickly.  Because of the staging, the pre-inspection and marketing we attract a larger group of potential buyers.  All this means is we are priced accurately and that the Purple Cow Program (discussed at our listing appointment) once again has worked its magic. 
From time to time, you may receive an offer from a buyer that may be a “low ball” offer.  No matter what price an offer may be, I am required by our listing agreement to present all offers.  My job is to take the emotion out of process and deal with the facts on the table.  Often low offers are presented with absolutely NO valid grounds or support.  Regardless, it is my job to present that offer.  Although, your first reaction may be to get upset (this is 100% the norm) at the purchaser, remember this may be a starting point or tactic employed by their agent.  We may not get the offer to an equitable agreement, but we will do our very best to try to make this happen.  Because of my training and years of experience, I am often able to get these low offers to an agreeable price. 
The Buyer will look at the home just prior to closing once the home is vacated.  Typically, this is done the morning of closing or a day or two before closing.  It is important that the home be clean and free of all personal belongings at that time.  They will be looking to make sure that all repairs that were requested are completed and the all inclusions remain.  The yard/lawn should be neat and the overall condition of the home in similar or better condition as when the offer was made.
At the beginning of our relationship, we discussed the fee to market your home.  You have hired me to do a top-notch job and I promise to deliver at 100%.  All the expenses to market your home are mine to bare.  The menu of services I provide are at the highest level in the industry.
At our initial meeting, we will set up the method and timing of how we will work with one another.  Everyone has different expectations as to how they want to keep the lines of communication open.  I text, email, call or meet in person depending on your needs.  We can also set up specific times to speak on the phone, text or meet face-to-face on a regular basis.
My goal is to provide you with world class service that allows you to make decisions with clarity and confidence.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call, email or text.


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