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Sell your home

My job is to assist you in getting your house sold for the highest possible amount, in the least amount of time, with the least aggravation.  I can’t promise you there will be no turbulence, but I can promise I’ll utilize my experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest flight that I can.

Buy a Home

When you take a road trip, you follow a map and familiarize yourself with important milestones. Buying a home is like a journey, too. If you become familiar with the travel plan, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing where you’ve been, where you are, and the final destination.


Our beautiful Pikes Peak Region is host to a variety of neighborhoods, school districts, outdoor recreation and entertainment.  Whatever brings you to the real estate market, you can find your next home by searching the extensive Pikes Peak MLS. 

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I will not be just a technician, but rather a COUNSELOR, knowing that buying and selling real estate can affect the soul and not just your bank account.
I will think of my clients as FRIENDS and treat them with the respect and courtesy that friends deserve.
I will be TRUSTWORTHY and will not neglect matters that are of importance to those who depend on me.
I will be HUMBLE, because I know how complicated the world is, and how hard it can be to fix what’s broken.
I will be ACCESSIBLE and will not let the pressures of either my personal or professional life stand in the way of being there when a client needs my help.
I will be FRUGAL with my client’s equity and consider it to be one of my most important tasks.
I will have COURAGE to do what is right, to say difficult things when they must be said.
I will WORK HARD because I’ve learned that nothing worth pursuing comes easy.
I will have a SENSE OF HUMOR, because sometimes that’s the only tool left by which to deal with the tangled piles of facts, paperwork, and emotion that ends up on my desk.

I will be HONEST beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I would never think of infringing upon my client’s or customer’s trust. 

This is my pledge to you and your family! 


My goal is to provide you with world class service that allows you to make decisions with clarity and confidence. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call, email or text.

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Happy senior couple getting keys to new house from realtor

Closing the Transaction

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Learn More On Our Blog | Buy. Sell. Invest.